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RZR® Pro Series 6.5" Rear Seat Speaker Enclosures - Unloaded | UTVS-PRO-RP65


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Introducing UTV Stereo's RZR Pro 6.5" Speaker Pods, The easiest solution to adding, upgrading or replacing your RZR Pro XP, Pro R, or Turbo R model's Rear 6.5" Speakers. These speaker pods feature integrated factory plugs for direct Plug & Play to your existing audio system.

The contoured speaker baffle provides more clearance, allowing for optimal sound performance. Pre-drilled screw bosses make installation a breeze, saving you time and effort making these pods only ~20 minute install. Plus, our speaker pods are built to fit your UTV perfectly, with a factory fit and finish that matches the OEM texture and color for a seamless look.

But the real star of the show is our powerful Pro Series 6.5” speakers, built to fit perfectly into our speaker pods. These speakers are weatherproof and built to withstand all of the harsh elements on the trails. The low profile Neo Magnet speakers provide exceptional sound quality with up to 500 Watts of true power handling, perfect for blasting your tunes on the trails.

Upgrade your RZR Pro's audio system with UTV Stereo's RZR Pro 6.5" Speaker Pods, and experience the ultimate in offroad audio performance.


*Our 6.5" Rear Pods are specifically designed to fit our Pro Series 6.5" 500W Speakers, however they will fit most 'short magnet' or 'Low-Profile' 6.5" Speakers.

**Extra grommets included with every order if you would like to run RGB Speaker Wire instead of the factory plugs. 

** These Pods are not designed to fit our 6.5" Signature Series Speakers.