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Polaris RZR 2nd Battery Kit | UTVS-RZR-2BATT-KIT


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Our famous 2nd Battery Kit includes a UTV Stereo Platinum Series Performance AGM Deep Cycle Battery. The Isolated system lets you drain the 2nd battery while the key is off preserving your stock battery's charge for starting. Once the car is running, both batteries are connected and being charged. We make it easy and reliable! Now you can sit with your lights on and music playing all worry free.

 The UTV Stereo Platinum Series Batteries are the longest lasting, most durable AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries on the market. This means your stereo will play longer and your lights will shine brighter. These batteries are spill proof, vibration & shock resistant, and can be installed in any orientation. Our batteries give you the ability to add aftermarket electronics to your UTV by providing you with more storage capacity and higher power output.

To maintain its peak performance, it is imperative to keep this AGM battery connected to a reliable battery charger/maintainer during storage.

We recommend our  UTV Stereo 12V Automatic Charger/Maintainer, or our UTVS Dual Bank Battery Charger/Maintainer

Kit Includes:

  • UTV STEREO PLATINUM SERIES (UTVS925) AGM Deep Cycle Performance Battery
  • Full Wire Kit with Sealed Connections
  • Battery Isolator
  • Battery Mount with Hardware
  • Instructions

 *Compatible with '14+ 2-seat & 4-seat models