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Can-Am® Defender Dual 10" Subwoofer Enclosure Unloaded | UTVS-DEF-VENC-UNDRST-UL


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Finally, a subwoofer enclosure for your Can-Am® Defender!

We specifically designed this subwoofer enclosure to fit directly under your front and/or rear seats. This enclosure is vented on each side for maximum bass response and output. It fits all Can-Am® Defender Models and is the largest and hardest hitting subwoofer enclosure on the market for these vehicles!

This enclosure has been engineered specifically for use in your Can-Am® Defender Vehicle, it is form fit to still allow the seats to lift and sit in place in OEM position. We've maximized the airspace without encroaching on leg room. The top of the enclosure is a shelf cutout which makes for the perfect mounting location for amplifiers or, it can be used as a storage area.

This subwoofer enclosure is sure to bring your Can-Am® Defender sound system to the next level! With its unique venting to maximize air flow, you can be assured that no matter what power you put through it, you will get the best sound quality. Plus, the enclosure is designed to fit all Can-Am® Defender models perfectly, so installation is easy. Finally, the hand-built craftsmanship ensures that you get the highest quality product available.

Handmade in the U.S.A.