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Can-Am X3 Up-Fire Front Passenger Side 10" Sub Box Enclosure – Unloaded | UTVS-X3-ENC-UF-FPASS


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UTV Stereo has designed a 10" sub woofer enclosure that fits underneath the passenger seat of the 2019 Can Am X3. The enclosure is notched to allow easy fitment with the factory under seat gusset bar now found on 2019+ 2 seat models. The brake line fits over the enclosure without any modification needed. Check out the video below for easy installation. Sub box is universal for all 10" sub woofers.

*Made in America with Expanded PVC Plastic AKA "Plastic MDF".

*Weather proof, rugged, and dense for great hard hitting bass response!

*Mounting Depth - 4 3/4 in.

 *Compatible with '17-'23 2-seat & 4-seat models