UTV Stereo

20' RCA Harness | UTVS-HRN-RCA-20


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The UTV Stereo 20' RCA Harness is designed to utilize the OEM sub pre-out on any overhead audio system making it possible to add an amplifier to power an additional subwoofer for seamless integration through the sub-out on the head unit.


  • Utilizes OEM Sub-Out on Can-Am® Audio Roof systems
  • Add a subwoofer with remote for easy integration
  • Weatherproof Plug & Play design for easy installation
  • Braided Loom for increased durability

This 20' RCA Harness offers two solutions for adding a subwoofer pre-out to overhead audio systems.

Option 1: Sub Channel Only

Direct Plug & Play with OEM Can-Am Audio Roof

Option 2 |  Front, Rear or Sub Channel

Universal 20' RCA